Save Money This Tax Season

Save Money This Tax Season

Save time and money in La Jolla, CA with professional tax planning

You pay taxes all year round on everything you earn and buy. Between income taxes, property taxes and taxes on necessary purchases, a lot of your hard-earned money is going to the government. Why should you have to pay more taxes when tax season comes around?

If you work with Steven Alpinieri CPA, An Accountancy Corporation, you can count on us to fight hard to make sure that you get money back this tax season. You can trust us to find the tax exemptions that you might miss while doing your taxes alone.

Ready to get some money back this year? Schedule your complimentary consultation ASAP.

We handle any special tax project you have!

What’s your miscellaneous tax project? You can rely on Steven Alpinieri CPA, An Accountancy Corporation in La Jolla, CA to handle:

  • Corporations
  • Individual
  • Partnerships
  • LLC
  • Homeowner association
  • , Non-Profit Tax returns

Additionally we help out clients with ACA complience, 1099 reporting and other tax issues. Let’s get started today. Call us at (858) 230-6610 to schedule your free initial consultation with Steven Alpinieri.